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    Asus Products Warranty

    ASUS Warranty is exclusive and applies only to products that are new on the date of purchase from an authorized ASUS product reseller for personal non-professional use. This Warranty applies only if a product malfunction is originated from a fault related to product manufacturing process and the product is used according to “User’s manual” guidelines within the warranty period.
    The ASUS Warranty applies to originally configured equipment. All components that an ASUS Service Center repaired or replaced will be under warranty for three months or for the remainder of the warranty period, whichever is applicable. If the Product is under Warranty, You hereby agree to transfer the ownership of replaced defective parts and such parts shall automatically become the property of ASUS.

    Acceptance of the product by an ASUS service center within a warranty period does not automatically mean that the product will be repaired for free. The ASUS service center reserves the right to check validity of the warranty after product acceptance.
    Important! A product manufacturing date can be determined by means of a product serial number. The first character of a serial number means a production year (1-9=2001-2009, A=2010, B=2011, C=2012, D=2013 , E=2014 , F=2015 G=2016 , H=2017 , J=2018 , K=2019 , L=2020 ), the second character means a production month of the device (1-9 – January-September, А- October, В-November, С-December).
    Local warranty is a warranty in a country the product was purchased.
    International warranty is a warranty which is valid in any country where there are ASUS service centers.

    More details are at ASUS website.

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