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    Fujitsu Product Warranty

    We appreciate your purchase of high quality Fujitsu product. Our products are developed taking into account all requirements to equipment and quality. However, if some problems occur with our products we provide you, as an end user, a warranty according to terms and conditions stated below. You have right to apply this warranty in case of defects in material or workmanship of the purchased product.
    The present warranty is a voluntary obligation of the company Fujitsu as a product manufacturer and is provided to the first-time user of a brand new device at the level of end user. The present warranty does not cover second-hand devices supplied by the company Fujitsu. Besides, an end user has the right to go to the law which is not restricted by requirements of the present warranty.

    Any claims other than ones stated at the present document are impossible. Irrespective of the present manufacturer warranty trade partners of Fujitsu or other third parties can provide their own warranty obligations. Claims for such obligations can be raised only against such third parties.

    Warranty terms and conditions:

    The warranty comes into effect since the date of product purchase by an end user from the Seller (purchase date indicated in an original sales check or аn invoice). Please, pay attention that warranty claims are accepted only if an original sales check or an invoice is available. So always keep your original sales check or invoice along with warranty documentation.

    Product name and identification number must be indicated in the sales check/invoice.
    Warranty claims must be raised right after product fault discovery by means of contact with corresponding regional subsidiary of the company Fujitsu (by phone of local support service) or with trade or service partner which sold the product.

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