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    Samsung Product Warranty

    Dear Customer!
    The company “Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.”, is the head company of the company group Samsung Electronics manufacturing products Samsung (hereinafter “The Manufacturer”) located at: The Republic of Korea, 129 Samsung-Ro, Yeongtong-Gu, Suwon, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, registered on 13.01.1969 by The Eastern Registry of the District Court of the Suwon city (registration number 000905) thanks you very much for your choice. We did our best in order the present product satisfies all your requirements and its quality corresponds the best world standards.

    The company “Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.” sets the 7-year long life time of domestic appliances, the 5-year long life time of TV sets, displays, build-in-hoods, audio-, video appliances, the 3 year-long life time of GSM phones, modems, projectors, subject to compliance with operating rules. A life time is counted starting from the manufacturing date if the User Manual does not state other limitation.
    Storage and transportation of the product must be carried out according to manipulation signs (if there are any) and in an original manufacturer’s package. Don’t allow penetration of a moisture on the package. On the expiration of the product life time the Manufacturer recommends to contact an authorized service center (ASC) in order to carry out preventive procedures, to get information on recycling or further safe operation of the product to avoid its improper operation or fault.
    Please find addresses and phones of the authorized service centers (ASC) at Samsung web site. We strongly recommend you to contact ASC if there are some troubles related to use or operability of the product.

    All the products of the company “Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.” Intended for delivery to any foreign country are manufactured taking into account operation condition at the corresponding country and carry both on the product itself and on the package official conformity marks if such marks are envisaged by the law of the corresponding country.

    In order to avoid misunderstandings we strongly recommend you to carefully study the User’s Manual, terms and conditions of the Warranty, to check correctness of the Warranty Card filling in and content of the Product set. The Product must be sold in accordance with the current law. The Warranty Card is valid only if the following items are correctly and clearly indicated: model, product serial number, sales date, clear Seller’s seal and Customer’s sign. Model and product serial number must conform to the same indicated in the Warranty Card.

    In case of violation of the abovementioned requirements, as well as if data indicated in the Warranty Card are changed, erased or rewritten, the Warranty Card is declared as invalid one. In case if product was sold after 12 months since product manufacturing date a fiscal document confirming product sale must be presented.

    By means of the present Warranty Card the company “Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.” confirms that it enters into commitments to satisfy Customer’s requirements set by current legislation in the field of protection of consumer rights in case of product defect arisen through Manufacturer’s fault. The company “Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.” reserves the right to reject to meet Consumer’s requirements of Warranty obligations and to provide free service maintenance of the Product in case of violation of terms and conditions stated below. Warranty obligations of the Manufacturer and free service maintenance are carried out in accordance with current law of the country where the warranty obligations and free maintenance service must be carried out.

    The company “Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.” set a warranty period starting from the sales date. The warranty periods of various products indicated in a table above are valid in case of compliance with the rules of operation. At that the Warranty period is limited by the life time of the product.
    More details are at Samsung website.

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