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    Sven Product Warranty

    Dear Customer!

    The company Sven thanks you very much for your choice of our product. We guarantee high quality and reliable operation of our products in case of compliance with technical requirements stated at User’s Manual.

    By means of the present Warranty Card of the company Sven confirms lack of any product faults and is committed to ensure free of charge repair and replacement of faulty components within the whole warranty period. The company Sven reserves the right to reject free of charge repair in case of violence of warranty requirements stated below. All warranty terms and conditions are valid in the framework of the current legislation of the country protecting consumer rights.
    We kindly ask you to carefully study the User’s Manual, to inspect completeness of the product and correctness of completion of the warranty card and the coupon. Pay attention to presence of serial number, purchase date, warranty period, Seller’s signature and clear Seller’s and manufacturer’s seals at the warranty card and coupon. Please, store the warranty card within the whole product life time.
    If you have any problems, we recommend you to contact service centers authorized by Sven product manufacturer only.

    Warranty terms and conditions:
    The company Sven guarantees the lack of production faults and reliable operation of the device within warranty period set by the manufacturer from 6 to 12 months since the purchase date providing that operating rules are observed excluding events specified by the manufacturer.
    The warranty is valid only if the correctly completed Warranty Card is available with clear indication of the following items: model, product serial number, purchase date, warranty period, as well as Customer’s signature and seal of the manufacturer and the Seller.
    The warranty repair is carried out only within the warranty period indicated in the present Warranty Card.
    Serial number and product model must conform to the same indicated at the Warranty Card.

    The product is denied from warranty coverage in the following cased:
    a) Violation of the rules stated in User’s Manual.
    b) If signs of extraneous intervention or try of repair at unauthorized service center are available;
    c) If unauthorized changes of design or electric circuit of the product are revealed (excluding events stated in User’s Manual);
    d) If the product intended for personal (domestic, family) use is used for commercial, industrial or any other purpose which is not relevant to its direct purpose.

    The Warranty does not cover the following types of fault:
    а) Mechanical and transportation damage;
    b) Damaged caused by penetration inside the product of foreign objects, substances, liquids, insects;
    c) Damages caused by act of God, fire, domestic factors, external impact, occasional external factors (power supply network voltage jump exceeding allowable value, thunderstorm, etc.), improper connection, as well as accidents;
    d) Damages caused by incompatibility of parameters of power supply, telecommunicational and cable networks to official standards or impact of other factors;
    e) Lack of protective grounding of equipment during operation;
    f) Damages caused by application of non-standard consumable items, adapters and spare parts.

    The Warranty does not cover consumable items.
    The company Sven disclaims responsibility for potential harm, directly or indirectly caused by products of the company Sven to people, animals or property:
    If the harm occurs as a result of violation of product operation and storage rules or during product installation process;
    If the harm occurs as a result of intentional or incautious activities of the Customer or third parties.

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