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    Additional Warranty

    When you purchase a smart phone, a laptop or a tablet PC, you are offered a 1- or a 2-year warranty. Within this period of time no need to care about operability of the gadget and potential production defects, since you are protected from these troubles by a manufacturer. But what a pity if right after a couple of days since the expiration date of an official warranty your smart phone just stop turning on, your tablet PC starts freezing or some stripes appear at the display of your laptop.

    What is the Additional Warranty?
    Are you a practical man and estimate potential risks?
    In that case we offer you a service of the Additional Warranty which extends a manufacturer warranty for your gadget to additional 12 months.
    Within the period of Additional Warranty effect we repair your device on the same conditions as the manufacturer with help of original components and skills of expert engineers.

    Where the Additional Warranty can be bought?
    You can purchase this service at our authorized partner store while buying the product you choose.
    Also you can purchase this service at our service center within first year of product exploitation in case of lack of defects at the moment of purchase of the Additional Warranty. In that case you must present a purchase document and the device with the full set of components for diagnostics.

    You can get more detailed information from shop assistants of our authorized stores or by service support phone 022 870 222.

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