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    Extended Warranty

    What do we use every day and without what can we not imagine ourselves while working or entertaining? Of course these are smart phones, tablet PCs, laptops, watches and other gadgets – indispensable companions of everyday life. They accompany us at home and at workplace, in a trip and in rest-time, as well as during sport exercises. They have become everyday things for us which are easy to be forgotten in a pocket or to be broken while awkwardly squatting. We can occasionally wash them, sink them or drop brushing off a table.
    Not to mention our treasures – our kids, who are attracted like a magnet to bright and dynamic gadgets, trying to taste them and to test their strength.
    If your kid has decided to check whether your smart phone can sail, what is taste of your brand new tablet PC or what happens if they are thrown on a floor – neither a case nor a protective film can protect! Repair process of a damaged gadget can exceed its price or just can not be cost effective. No one likes to spend most part of gadget price assuming that nobody can ensure its faultless operation in future.
    Of course troubles take place sometimes. Especially unpleasant if a gadget is a brand new one, while damage is occasional.
    In order to protect money of our clients from such occasions, we offer to use our special offer which is the Extended Warranty.

    What is the Extended Warranty?
    The Extended Warranty is a guaranteed repair of your brand new gadget. Our warranty does not save your smart phone, tablet PC or laptop in case of unpleasant troubles, but it pays a repair which is not covered by a standard after-sales warranty. No need to scare your relatives if the tablet PC is broken through their fault, to hide the smart phone from kids or to take some stress relief medicines if you spill a cup of refreshing morning tea on your laptop. No matter what sort of trouble with your favorite gadget take place – our Extended Warranty pay the repair service.

    Where the Extended Warranty can be bought?
    You can buy this service at our authorized partner – the company Moldtelecom purchasing it along with the product you choose at one of Moldtelecom’s shops.
    Also you can buy this service at our service center within 24 hours right after purchase of the product at one of retail network shops providing the document confirming purchase and the product with full set of components for diagnostics.
    You can get more detailed information from shop assistants of Moldtelecom brand stores or by service support phone 022 870 222.

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